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IRPA: International Radiation Protection Agency

IRPA is recognized by its members, stakeholders and the public as the international voice of the radiation protection profession in the enhancement of radiation protection culture and practice worldwide.

The primary purpose of IRPA is to provide a medium whereby those engaged in radiation protection activities in all countries may communicate more readily with each other and through this process advance radiation protection in many parts of the world. This includes relevant aspects of such branches of knowledge as science, medicine, engineering, technology and law, to provide for the protection of man and his environment from the hazards caused by radiation, and thereby to facilitate the safe use of medical, scientific, and industrial radiological practices for the benefit of mankind.

SARPS: The South African Radiation Protection Society

The society seeks to reduce the radiation dose received by the public, workers and patients by promoting awareness of radiation protection procedures and techniques.

This is achieved through congresses, lectures and ongoing training among its members. The society provides a forum for the discussion of radiation protection issues and is a resource centre for radiation protection.

The Society is an associated society of the South African Association of Physicists in Medicine and Biology (SAAPMB) and is affiliated to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) through the South African Radiation Protection Coordinating Body (SARPCOB). It maintains close links with other radiation protection bodies.

SARPA: The South African Radiation Protection Association

The South African Radiation Association is represented by two associations, namely Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA) and the South African Radiation Protection Society (SARPS). These two associations form a body called the South African Radiation Protection Coordinating Body (SARPCOB) which is the International Radiation Protection (IRPA) affiliated body for South Africa.