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About Your Host

The South African Radiation Community is represented by two associations, namely South African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA) and South African Radiation Protection Services (SARPS). The two associations will jointly host IRPA14.

SARPA was established on 10 September 1977 with the vision to be an independent association which will serve the objectives and profession of radiation protection not only in South Africa but also the broader Southern African region. The interest of SARPA is being served by an annually elected executive committee and currently has 160 corporate members and 15 institutional members.

Since its establishment SARPA hosted a number of national and international meetings and conferences, the most noteworthy being the first All African IRPA Regional Congress at Misty Hills, South Africa during May 2003. At the end of this All African Congress, a programme of action was agreed which included, amongst others that SARPA and SARPS should offer to host an IRPA International Congress. This was progressed when SARPA presented their intention to bid for the hosting of the IRPA13 Congress in 2012, during the 2004 IRPA Congress in Madrid.

The South African Radiation Protection Services (SARPS) was established in 1970 with the mission to promote Radiation Protection in Medicines, Science, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry in South Africa with the emphasis on Health Care.

The Society seeks to reduce the radiation dose received by the public, workers and patients by promoting awareness of the radiation protection procedures and techniques. This is achieved through congresses, lectures and ongoing training among its members.

The Society provides a forum for the discussion of radiation protection issues and its resource centre for radiation protection. The interest of SARPS is being served by an annually elected executive committee and the Society currently has 50 members.