Michel H. Bourguignon
French Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France

Professor Bourguignon is a Medical Doctor specialist in Nuclear Medicine and has a PhD in Physics. He is a University Professor of Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine (PUPH) at the Faculty of medicine Simone Veil of the University of Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France. He is currently a counselor with the French Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).

After a post doc fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University (1978-1980) in Baltimore (USA), he spent the first part of his career (1981-1996) in the department of medical research of the French Atomic Commission (CEA). Since 1996, Michel Bourguignon has been dedicated to nuclear safety and radiation protection as the Medical Director of the French Office of Protection against Ionizing Radiations (OPRI 1996-2002), as a Deputy Director General of the French Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (DGSNR 2002-2006) and then as a Commissioner with the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN 2006-2014).

He had the responsibility of the transposition of EURATOM directives 96/29 and 97/43 regarding radiation protection into the French legislation and regulations. He has conducted the realization of the French radiation protection guides of justification and optimization in radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and dental art.

Michel Bourguignon is a full member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Euratom Treaty, a member of Committee 3 (medical) of the International Commission of Radiation Protection (ICRP), a member of the French Society of Radiation Protection. He is a referee for different scientific journals in his domain of expertise.

He was the secretary of the French society of nuclear medicine (1990-1994), of the European Society of Nuclear medicine (1995-2001) and member of the French delegation to UNSCEAR (1997 - 2014) [he was a consultant for UNSCEAR for the document "Effects of ionizing radiations on the immune system" published in 2006].