Marcos do Amaral
Brazilian Radiological Protection Society (SBPR), Brazil

Civil engineer (1991) from Pontifical Catholics University - PUC, Goiania- Goias, accredited radiological protection supervisor for nuclear power reactors by Brazilian National Nuclear Commission - CNEN (1999) and Master in Nuclear Engineering (2004) by Rio de Janeiro Federal University UFRJ. In 1993/1994, revised the radiological respiratory protection at Angra 1 based on ANSI Z.88 and INPO┬┤s guidelines and best practices. Supervisor of Dosimetry, Calibrations and Radioactive Waste of Angra 1 nuclear power plant, later Supervisor of Angra 1 Radiological Protection Occupational branch and, from 2006 to 2015, radiological protection division manager for Angra 1 and 2 nuclear site, then retired from Eletrobras Eletronuclear on June, 2015. Along this, was the technical responsible for Dosimetry at Eletronuclear and is the Brazilian national coordinator for the Information System on Occupational Exposure - ISOE (NEA-OECD/IAEA). Post-graduated by Association of Members of War Superior School (Rio de Janeiro, 2007) in Political Studies and Strategy Course. Director of Brazilian Radiological Protection Society (SBPR).

Participated as radiological protection expert at the 5th refueling outage of Laguna Verde nuclear power plant - unit 1 (Mexico, 1996); radiological protection peer reviewer of WANO Peer Review mission ( World Association of Nuclear Operators) for Isar 1 & 2 nuclear power plants (Germany, 2003), Tihange nuclear power station (Belgium, 2013); member of the studies committee to review the Brazilian standard CNEN NN-3.01 - Diretrizes Basicas de Protecao Radiologica (Rio de Janeiro, 2004); awarded with the Distinguish Paper Award at the ISOE International ALARA Symposium (Viena, 2009 and Fort Lauderdale, 2012); participated of the regional working group for the revision of GSR - Part 3 - Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources - International Basic Safety Standards - IAEA (Rio de Janeiro, 2010).

Radiological Protection Expert of IAEA OSART Missions at Seabrook nuclear power plant (USA, 2011 and 2013), Dampierre nuclear power station (France, 2015), Chashma 1 NPP (Pakistan, 2015). Expert observer for the IAEA Laguna Verde Safety Culture assessment (Mexico, 2016).

Chair Elect of ISOE (NEA-OECD/IAEA) for 2017-2018.

My cv at the Brazilian national scientific records: